Monday, October 1, 2007

Tales of the feet

The dog ate my shoes. Really, and I don't have anything to wear on my feet!

Funny how some peoples pets can do no wrong. I've heard it before. "He's just playing. He won't bite.", "She's an indoor cat. She won't catch birds." Uh, what's that red hanging out of her mouth? Looks like a Cardinal to me. And finally. "You can leave the shoes there. She won't chew on them."

May I present exhibit #1:

Needless to say. I was done with these shoes. Now I'm picky. Shoes need to look right, fit right, feel right. The search began.

Off and on through the years I've seen an Australian boot advertised in the back of National Geographic Adventure and Outside magazines. They looked different, to me, in a good sort of way.

Blundstone or "blunnies" are . . . Wait! Why should I write when it's already been written?

After researching a bit I decided to spring for the 550s rather than the original 500s. "Rugged Lux" is how they're billed. I ordered from this Australian outfit:

After a couple of tries Aussie size 7.5 seemed to be the right fit. So, for your viewing pleasure. Behold my Blundstone 550 (Note: there's another one as well):

After four-plus hours in them I do believe we've got a keeper. I'll keep you apprised of any noteworthy news in the on going "Tales of the feet",

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Maggie said...

Lovely new shoes. Please update us on your other latest shoes. I know you must have bought some more since 2007.